We Keep

your Vessel Sailing

Tactical management has always been a critical factor in the shipping business. Today's thriving operations rely on greatly competent service providers. There is no room for compromise. When it comes to keeping business on an even keel, professionals select international specialists, Ayoknox is that specialist and much more.

Ayoknox Ventures Limited business portfolio covers activities ranging from cargo trading to the supply of bunker fuels, lubricants and other services of crucial importance to the shipping industry at competitive prices.

Each and every offer we make embodies our experience, know-how and reputation.

Our Values

/// 1. Our Mission
Provide economic and trustworthy marine fuel in line with international bunker standards to the best of our customer's satisfaction, and support them in performing their current and/or intended voyage efficiently..

/// 2. Vision
To be a priority choice for the global oil business and becoming a world-class, billion dollar bunkering company..

/// 3. Our Value
Rooted in the belief of HUMILITY and INTEGRITY, we dedicate our PASSION for EXCELLENCE in the COMMUNITY.