Our Dedication

Ayoknox ventures gives you the most complete ship supply service you may demand: a reliable, efficient and superior service.

Ship Chandler

We make provisions for all your ship needs and supplies right in time when you need it, anytime and anywhere.

Marine Consultants

We offer great consultancy on boats, yachts, cargo, tug, barge, sailing, power boat, sail boats, house boats, and cruising boats. etc

Slops Disposal

In line with our ongoing policy of environmental awareness, Ayoknox Ventures offers slops removal and disposal for fuel oils and lubricants in compliance with the regulations stipulated by the MARPOL Convention.


With the use of high-end communication facilities to ensure that all parties are kept up-to-date, whether on shore, off shore or en route, Ayoknox Ventures coordinates its operations effectively to ensure that it efficiently supplies its clients thus ensuring that deliveries occur smoothly and on time.